Bling Generation

Bling Gneration Shiny things Legacy poems 2017

What does bling have to do with estate planning? I have worked with folks from all walks of life. Counseling them about wills, trusts and estates.

Many folks who come in for advice are hard working blue collar laborers, others are very well off, and some are considered wealthy.

If you are part of the “Bling Generation” – wearing flashy things is one thing, more power to you. What I see most often is that flashy does not equate to a legacy.

Bling Generation “Shiny things, Bright bling, Think of generations of kin, When the bling no longer shines.” – Aquanetta Betts

Once we start to think about the generations to come, flash and bling will lose their luster.

Aquanetta J. Betts is an attorney licensed in Washington, DC and Maryland. She is a frequent speaker nationally and at local events on the topics of: wills, trusts, estates, charitable giving and planned giving. Connect with her on twitter @AquanettaBetts.

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