The Five Ws of Planned Giving for Your Nonprofit

Planned Giving - ebook
The Five Ws of Planned Giving – ebook

Are you curious about Planned Giving and how your nonprofit can get started with a program? If so, I have prepared a presentation for an upcoming event and I would like to share it with you. Click the link below to get your free download (pdf):

The Five Ws of Planned Giving:

  • Who is involved in a Planned Giving program?
  • What is Planned Giving?
  • When should you start a Planned Giving program?
  • Where do Planned Giving gifts come from?
  • Why should your organization have a Planned Giving Program?

Bonus: How to start a Planned Giving Program

Get information from a professional to set up a planned giving program.

  • Inform your board of directors, trustees, staff and other leaders about planned giving.
  • Have professionals conduct seminars about estate planning and invite your donors, members and supporters.
  • Market your program to donors, supporters, members and friends.

Let me know your thoughts about planned giving, the “overlooked fundraiser.”

Aquanetta J. Betts is an attorney, speaker and blogger. For more information visit: She is licensed in DC and MD.

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