What Ideas Should an Estate Planning Attorney Blog About?

What Ideas Should an Estate Planning Attorney Blog About? Blog Post sticky-notes
Topics for Blog?

Is there a topic that you want to learn more about?

During a recent discussion about “Blogging for Lawyers,” I had an aha moment.

Here it is: Ask followers, connections, network members and others what topics are of interest to them. Seeking input from readers is not a new idea, but it has never been done on this blog.

Blab – 6/1/2016

The Blab event (Blogging for Lawyers: Client magnet or waste of time?) was hosted by attorney Nakia Gray, with guests: Carmen Carson, Life and Biz Coach and attorney Aquanetta Betts (Click here for replay).

Questions, Questions, Questions:

  1. What are you curious about when it comes to your estate plan?
  2. Have you wondered about what documents are important to have?
  3. Are you puzzled about how to form your business or how to prepare it for the future?

The Estate Plan:

  • Wills – Should you name a guardian for minor children? Gifts to charity, assets to children and/or grandchildren? Who should be personal representative of your estate? What about sentimental items – jewelry, family heirlooms, etc?
  • Trusts – What is a Living Trust? Should you have a trust to protect and manage assets for minor children or a special needs child?
  • Powers of Attorney – Who will handle your affairs if you are sick or unable to make decisions due to a temporary incapacity?
  • Advance Medical Directive – Who will deal with doctors and medical staff on your behalf, if you are unable to? How do you want to be treated if you have a serious injury or illness?
  • Beneficiary Designations – Who do you want to give your life insurance proceeds to? What about bank accounts, 401K plans, IRS accounts and other assets?

Small Business Matters:

  • What type of entity should you form?
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Partnership
    • S Corporation
    • C Corporation
    • Nonprofit / Tax Exempt Organization
  • Do you need a succession plan to deal with the What Ifs in life?
    • Who will continue the business if you are sick, incapacitated or ready to move on to another endeavor?
  • Should I have a Partnership Agreement or an Operating Agreement? 
  • When would a nonprofit be the best type of entity to form?
    • How does fundraising work with tax exempt entities (compliance, planned giving, annual giving)?

Providing information is one of the things that makes being an attorney such a wonderful profession. Let me know what topics leave you with more questions than answers. Click here to send comments/questions or visit www.abettslaw.com.

You can also leave comments/topics/questions on this blog post. Complete the form below. Do not share specific details or personal matters in the comments section of this blog.


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Aquanetta J. Betts, is an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. She can be reached at www.abettslaw.com or call (410) 701-0127. Connect with her on social media: Facebook, Facebook – Like us, GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Please know that this information is not to provide legal advice and is for informational purposes only. No Client/Attorney relationship has been formed until you and Aquanetta J. Betts, Esq., have signed a Retainer Agreement.

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