Why DIY Estate Planning Should Come With 3 Alerts

Thinking of a DIY Kit for your Will? Did you buy a Deed from the office supply store? Or maybe you got these documents online?
On a regular basis, I hear horror stories about documents filled out by individuals trying to save a few bucks, avoid a lawyer’s office or they think their situation is simple. 

Alert 1. Few issues are simple when you start to peel back all the layers of a matter. In many instances, the issues are challenging and multifaceted. 

Alert 2. These are legal documents. One misstep in the way you prepare them can be costly. The costs are not just in dollars and cents. 

Alert 3. The time, stress and money that may be needed to address such mistakes can be a lot more than you thought you were avoiding in the first place. 

Here’s an FYI about DIY documents: It is common for me to receive distress calls from overwhelmed family members who are on the verge of tears. 

As I listen, they share stories of how, the bank refused to accept mom’s Power of Attorney, the title company can not close on the sale of a home because of a title defect in a DIY Deed, or the Will that wasn’t witnessed properly is invalid. 

Now that you have the 3 Alerts, get help from an attorney who can provide you with legal guidance about your particular situation. 

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